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Product Customization

Product Customization
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Product Customization
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  • Model: CQRDZ01
  • Weight: 600.00g
  • SKU: CQRDZ01

10.525GHz Doppler Effect Microwave Motion Sensor

Changes required:

1, Range reduced to 0.3 to 2m;

2, Latched output (2 seconds on detection);

3, Distance adjustment and LED’s to be moved to the rear of the device;

4, Size reduction to 63 x 48 mm;

5, Delivery is expected in 10 to 15 working days.

Note: 10*7.99=79.9 USD. Please note that this price does not include logistics and distribution costs. The specific cost is subject to the actual delivery cost incurred on the official website of the CQRobot manufacturer.

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