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USB to RS422/RS485 Serial Port Converter Adapter(1.2M)

USB to RS422/RS485 Serial Port  Converter Adapter(1.2M)
USB to RS422/RS485 Serial Port Converter Adapter(1.2M)
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With the continuous development of the PC industry, USB interface is substituting the old industrial and low speed PC interface, but there are so much important equipment still use the RS485/RS422 interface in the industrial environment. So many users have to use the USB2.0 to RS485/RS422 converter to realize the data transfer between PC and RS485/RS422 equipment.

USB2.0 to RS422/485 CABLE is auniversal converter of USB2.0 to RS485/RS422. which is without addition power supply, compatible with USB, RS422, RS485 standards, It can convert USB signals to a balanced differential RS422 or RS4SS signals. Each line has surge protection, and various surge voltage protections. The tiny capacitance distance RS422/RS48 interface of high-speed transmission. RS422, RS48S connect by RJ45 and DB9 interface. Converter with zero delay automatic transceiver inside, unique I/O circuit automatically control data flow direction, without any handshake signals (such as RTS, DTR, etc.) and jumpers set realize full-duplex, half-duplex mode conversion, plug and play. Ensure the product fix for all existing communication software and hardware interface.

USB2.0 to RS422/485 CABLE converters for point-to-point, point-to-mujlti point reliable communlcations. Provides the point to more each converter allows connecting 32 RS422 or RS485 devices, data rate of 300 to 921600bps. The power and data flow indicator light will show fault if any breakdown. Support of com-munication has USB to RS422 USB to RS485.


Interface converter can provide point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication and provide reliable connections. Point-to-multipoint each converter can be connected to 32 RS422 or RS485 interface devices, transfer rates: 921600bps to 300M, 38400bps to 600M, 9600bps to 1.2KM, with power indicator light and quantity indicator can indicate the fault condition. Supported communication methods are USB2.0 to RS422, USB2.0 to RS485 conversion;

USB2.o to RS422/RS485 converter supports about four kinds of communication:

  • point to point - four full-duplex
  • point to multi-point - four full-duplex
  • point to point - two half-duple
  • point to multi-point - two half-duplex

When the converter is working at full-duplex, need to add a matched resustance to avoid reflects and disturbance of signal.(120Ω, 1/4W)



  • Standards: Compliant with USB 2.0, downward compatibility, and standard RS422, RS485.
  • USB signal: VCC, DATA+, DATA-, GND
  • RS422 signal: T/R+, T/R-, RXD+, RXD, GND
  • RS485 signal: T/R+, T/R, GND
  • Working mode: asynchronous working, point-to-point or point-to-more, full duplex 4-line, half duplex 2-line.
  • Directional control: Using data flow automatic control technology, automatic control and data transmission criterion.
  • Band Rate: 300-921600bps, automatically detects serial signal rate.
  • Load capacity: support to more each converter allows connecting 32 RS422 interface RS485 or equipment.
  • Transmission range: 1200meter of RS422/485, 5m of USB cable.
  • Interface Protection: 600W surge protection, Plus/Minus 15KV Esd protection.
  • Interface: USB A Male, DB9 Male.
  • Signal indication: red for power, green for data sending, yellow for data receiving.
  • Transmission media: twisted-pair or shielded wire.
  • Transmission rate: 921600bps at 300M, 38400bps at 600M, 9600bps at 1.2KM.
  • Cable Size: 1.2 Meter length..
  • Operating environment: -25 Degree Celsius to 70 Degree Celsius, relative humidity at 5% to 95%.
  • Support Windows98 / Windows2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / ME, Linux, MAC, Android, Arduino.


1 * CD Driver

1 * Instructions for use

1 * DB9 to 5P Converter

1 * USB to RS422 / RS485 Converter

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