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The Arduino DMX shield is an add-on (or "shield") for the Arduino. It is an easy way to use the Arduino as a DMX-Master device, just by adding the DMX-shield on the top of the Arduino.This DMX / RDM Shield is a low cost high quality solution that allows you to connect your Arduino driven artwork int..
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PN532 is a highly integrated non-contact read-write chip, which contains the 80C51 microcontroller core (this 8051 user cannot program it, it is a low-level communication protocol stack for built-in NFC), which integrates each of the 13.56MHz an active / passive contactless communication method and ..
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This Gold-plated process ATX Breakout Board can be used with ATX DC power supply and provides 3.3V, 5V, 12V and adjustable (ADJ) 1.5V-9.0V DC output voltage, the output maximum current is 2A.The ADJ adjustable voltage knob is also onboard, and the ADJ output voltage range is 1.5V-9.0V, which are ava..
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CQRobot ADS1115 16-bit ADC module can accurately collect and convert analog signals. Through this ADC module, Raspberry Pi can easily use a wide range of Arduino series analog sensors to measure various signals, and perceive this world. Raspberry Pi is a common master control board which is powerful..
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Relay is an automatic switching element with isolation function, which is widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment, and is one of the most important control elements. The traditional relay module has complicated wiring an..
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