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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRDJB-25T-JS-RED
INTRODUCTIONDifferent from plastic servo arms, metal rocker arms can effectively prevent swings caused by too soft plastic parts, or problems such as uneven walking.SPECIFICATION- ProductName: 25T Steering-gear Metal Rocker Arm (Red)- Model: JSYB-25T-RED- Material: aluminum alloy- Number of Teeth: 2..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRCDQ-L18650
INTRODUCTIONThis commonly used lithium battery with line charger, can single or dual battery charging, with charging indicator. it has a perfect protection function, automatic stop charging after full charge, suitable for a variety of 18650 lithium battery charging.Working state: put the battery whe..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRDJ-MG995-90
INTRODUCTIONMG995 metal copper gear steering servo is an entry-level Servo-motor, suitable for bipedal robots/manipulators/remote control cars/50-90 class methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26cc-50cc gasoline fixed-wing aircraft and other models.SPECIFICATION- Product Name: Metal copper gear steering ..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRFIT0362
INTRODUCTION This battery holder can hold 3 AA batteries which provides 3.6V rechargeable battery pack with NiMH / NiCd cells or 4.5V battery pack with Alkaline cells. You will be able to power your Arduino with this battery holder via MicroUSB interface directly. SPECIFICATION - Cell Quantity: 3 - ..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRXTX-SMA-NZ01
INTRODUCTIONSMA inner pin connector external antenna, LTE 4G GSM 3G 2G GPRS WCDMA external antenna.SPECIFICATION- Category: External Antenna- Performance: Omnidirectional Foldable- Shape: Cylindrical- Interface: SMA inner pin connector- Length: 10.8cm (unfolded) / 8.8cm (folded)SHIPPING LIST2 * Omni..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRTYN-70-39/5
INTRODUCTIONThis polycrystalline solar panel, using epoxy resin AB glue, anti-ultraviolet, anti-yellowing, high light transmission, using high-efficiency solar cells to minimize light reflection and improve energy efficiency. adapt to a wide temperature range, suitable for outdoor installation in ha..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRCXB-USB-002
INTRODUCTIONThis is an energy-saving and silent small mini USB side suction water pump, suitable for fish tanks, rockery fountains, flowing water ornaments, cat drinking fountains, etc.SPECIFICATIONProduct: USB Side Suction Water PumpModel: CXB-USB-002Colour: BlackMaterial: ABSInterface: USBVoltage:..
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Brand: CQRobot Model: CQRWIFI-MQ-300M
INTRODUCTIONWiFi signal transceiver/wireless USB adapter is a network card with a built-in wireless WIFI chip and transmitted through the USB interface. It is connected to the computer USB interface. After the driver is installed, a new wireless network card device will appear in the computer networ..
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Brand: pzsmocn Model: PZSUSBDL00A
USB connection cable is a USB data cable, which is used for connection and communication between computers and external devices. It can also be used for charging mobile phones and connecting with the outside. In layman's terms, it is used to transmit data and charge.The USB type A male port to micro..
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Brand: pzsmocn Model: PZSDZ-1/4W-A
Metal film resistors are the most widely used resistors so far. They have high precision, stable performance, simple and lightweight structure. It adopts high-temperature vacuum coating technology, has good waterproof performance, heat dissipation block, wear resistance and durability, can protect t..
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Brand: pzsmocn Model: PZSLCD12864-A
128*64 with Chinese font is a dot matrix graphic LCD module with 4-bit/8-bit parallel, 2-wire or 3-wire serial interface modes, and internally contains national standard first-level and second-level simplified Chinese fonts.The LCD12864 liquid crystal display can display letters, numbers, Chinese fo..
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Brand: pzsmocn Model: PZSWXK300M-A
A wireless network card is a terminal wireless network device that helps a computer connect to a wireless network, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. In other words, a wireless network card is a device that helps your computer connect to a wireless network. However, a wireless network card also needs a wire..
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